Where have you seen God or felt God’s presence this week?

Leave a comment and share where you’ve run into God.

4 Replies to “Where have you seen God or felt God’s presence this week?”

  1. I’ve seen God in the outpouring of support for DREAMers and other immigrants this past week. So many Christians and people of all faiths and none are doing the work of God by welcoming the stranger even in resistance to the government.

  2. St. John’s Lutheran Church, outside sign message. God saw you do it! Yes, I walked to South Euclid Wal-mart from Marc;s, and deserved a break today @ McDee’s in South Euclid! Walk home to Lyndhurst…Lazy-boy does wonders! Ha ha ha!

  3. When one door closes, another agency is available. Just going along for the ride, and see where it takes me! Let go, let God…

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