Children & Youth

Our goal is to provide a loving atmosphere in which children of all ages can learn about and experience God’s love through a relationship with Jesus Christ. It is both an honor and a pleasure to provide a child-focused education hour for the children. It is our intent for your child(ren) to hear and study God’s word in a loving and nurturing environment. We feel privileged to serve the Lord in and through our Children’s Ministry program. Our Sunday morning education hour serves both parent and child by allowing parents the freedom to participate in church activities for their spiritual growth all the while nurturing the child in a loving, Christ-centered environment.

The Nursery

Parents may prefer that their infants and young children stay in the nursery with adult supervision and plenty of toys during the 10:00 a.m. worship service and 11:30 a.m. adult education hour. Our nursery is open from 10:00 a.m. through 11:30 p.m. every Sunday. Children must be signed in to utilize the nursery services.

Sunday School

Our Sunday School program offers classes for children three years of age through fifth grade. Our classes meet during worship service, from 10:00 a.m. through 11:15 a.m. every Sunday (with the exception of Easter, Christmas and Family Fifth Sundays). Children are registered upon arrival and records updated each year. If you do not have a home church and wish to give your child a foundational Biblical education, consider making time to visit our church and speak with Pastor Osgood, or another member of the staff. Invest in your children’s Christian foundation by encouraging them to attend and participate.

Youth Ministry

The Children & Youth Ministry here at HCC is a growing, dynamic program that reaches out to the community to share the love of God for all people with a focus on children, youth and families. HCC provides a safe and nurturing environment where children are excited to learn and where parents are supported and helped in directing their children’s spiritual development.

Children are led to become familiar with the stories and truths of scripture, and taught to be thinking, questioning interpreters of scripture. Instruction focuses on Jesus’ teaching of the great commandments, loving God, and loving neighbor. Service to others is viewed as an integral part of what it means to be a Christian. Children, youth, and their families are actively engaged not only on Sunday mornings, but also through additional programming including our region’s summer camp program.

Young people (typically around the age of twelve) are encouraged and led to a transformational acceptance of Christ as their Lord and Savior. Instruction and development continue through high school and beyond helping youth find lifelong commitment to God’s service.