Children & Youth

Children’s Worship Space

HCC has a long legacy of welcoming children and providing education, fellowship, and service opportunities for all ages.  In an effort to meet the needs of parents today, we have  a Children’s Worship Space in the Chapel. This space is designed especially for children up to age 7. Parents of very young children are welcome to make use of Plymouth Church’s staffed nursery, and occasionally we will invite children out of the Chapel during part of worship for an activity or story.  But any time children are in worship (for part or all of the service) we want them to feel welcome, a deep sense of belonging, and invited to participate in worship right along with their families.
Our hope in creating a Children’s Worship Space is that families will be able to worship together, each person actively engaged and participating as developmentally appropriate. We expect parents to sit with their children in this new area, helping their children worship as they are able, modeling their own faith in the process. Books, soft toys and art supplies are available for children to keep busy as they absorb the sights and sounds of the worshipping community. This area is up in front, so that children can see and hear and feel included and involved in our worship. In addition to our set space, we offer books, art supplies, and activity bags for use anywhere in the Chapel by children of any age. Our hope is that HCC will continue to be warm and welcoming, and will continue to support children and families as they seek to grow in faith. 

Children & Youth

Our ministry with children and youth at HCC is friendly and caring, and reaches out to the community to share the love of God for all people. HCC provides a safe and nurturing environment where children are excited to belong and where parents are supported in directing their children’s spiritual development. Our goal is to provide a loving atmosphere in which children of all ages can learn about and experience God’s love through a relationship with Jesus Christ and be invited to share God’s love with others.

Children in Worship, Worship and Wonder, and Intergenerational Learning

Children of all ages are invited and encouraged to participate fully in our worship service. Worship services include sharing a Worship and Wonder story or other intergenerationally accessible feature.  Children are also invited into leadership by participating in dramatic readings, outreach activities, greeting worshippers,  lighting candles, and playing instruments.

Through total involvement in church life with people of all generations, children are led to become familiar with the stories and truths of scripture, and taught to be thinking, questioning interpreters of scripture. Service to others is viewed as an integral part of what it means to be a Christian. Children, youth, and their families are actively engaged not only on Sunday mornings, but also through additional programming including our region’s summer camp program.

Youth Ministry

Youth in grades 5-12 participate fully in our worship services and often serve in leadership roles, such as the diaconate, reading scripture, and sharing their musical and dramatic talents. We include children and youth fully in fellowship, outreach, and other congregational life and we believe they have gifts to share and voices to be heard.

Many of our youth participate in our regional summer camp, Camp Christian. Youth have participated in mission trips and local outreach efforts. Fellowship events have included Apple Picking, Open Mic Nights, and Chalking the Walks.

Young people (typically around the age of twelve) are encouraged and led to a transformational acceptance of Christ as their Lord and Savior. Instruction and development continue through high school and beyond helping youth find lifelong commitment to God’s service.