Sunday Worship

  • Hybrid worship every week!

  • We hold services to include both in person and online worship (via Zoom Meeting + Facebook Live)  at 11:00 am during the school year..

As always,  we ask that anyone who is not vaccinated, is feeling ill, believes they may have been exposed to someone with Covid, or is at increased risk of serious illness, worship with us online.

Information on our policies for gathering in person (with masks, socially distanced…) are available here.

Directions on how to access the Chapel  worship space available HERE.

  • Here are the directions for joining in worship via Zoom (You can also access our live stream from our Facebook page):
  • 1. From your computer you can join the meeting by clicking on this link:
  • That should take you directly to the meeting.  If you have not used Zoom Meeting before you may be asked if you want to download the “Zoom” app.  If you do, be sure to begin a few minutes early as it will take 5-10 minutes to sign up.
  • 2. You can also participate with video from your smartphone by using “One tap mobile” – simply tap on the number below:
  • Using these methods will allow you to see the video feed as well as the audio.
  • 3. If you are okay with just the audio you can dial the old fashioned way by calling this number 1(929) 436-2866 (this will work on a landline as well as a cell phone – long distance charges may apply) and entering the Meeting ID (946 6243 0683) and the password (157016) when asked.


Easter Season: Stories of Resurrection using materials developed by Dr. Marcia McFee and Worship Design Studio
Over the course of the next 6  weeks, we will be telling Resurrection Stories about real people who found new life. Just as we work to bring heaven on earth, we can also expect that resurrection is possible within our own life-times. We can be resurrected from despair over many things. It is not easy, for sure. But we are not alone and we already have in our possession the key to new life… anytime.

April 14            Third Sunday of Easter Resurrection Stories:
Acts 16:16-34 “Freed”

We may be imprisoned by many things. Jesus’ declaration that he had come to “set the prisoner free” can be interpreted for all of us, whether or not we’ve ever experienced being behind literal prison bars. This day, we will hear a Resurrection Story that moves from chains to freedom. We will reflect on how we can each step into freedom from whatever binds us.

April 21            Fourth Sunday of Easter Resurrection Stories:
Luke 24:36-43 “Found”

What is it like to literally not have a home, a place to lay your head at night? “Homeless” can also mean a sense of not feeling “at home,” lacking a feeling of belonging, feeling alone even in the midst of others. So many in this world are isolated. How can we find, and offer each other, “home” with the assurance of the presence of God and a beloved community?

April 28            Fifth Sunday of Easter  Resurrection Stories:
Genesis 32:24-32 “Healed”

Illness of mind, body, or spirit can sap us of our life passion and energy. Sometimes illness can change the course of our lives forever, asking us to adapt in ways we never imagined. And while illness is not visited upon anyone by God’s design, sometimes limitations open our eyes to other possibilities. We will look for a different perspective on how we deal with any life-altering situation.

Intergenerational Worship 

HCC has a long legacy of welcoming children and providing education, fellowship, and service opportunities for all ages.  In an effort to meet the needs of parents today, we offer a Children’s Worship Space. We want children to feel welcome, a deep sense of belonging, and invited to participate in worship right along with their families.
Our hope in creating a Children’s Worship Space is that families will be able to worship together, each person actively engaged and participating as developmentally appropriate. We expect parents to sit with their children, helping their children worship as they are able, modeling their own faith in the process. Books, soft toys and art supplies are available to help children reflect and respond, as they absorb the sights and sounds of the worshipping community. This area is up in front, so that children can see and hear and feel included and involved in our worship. Other items to help children worship are available throughout our space. Our hope is that HCC will continue to be warm and welcoming, and will continue to support children and families as they seek to grow in faith. 

11:00 AM Worship

“Let us come before him with thanksgiving, and extol him with music and song.” – Psalms 95:2

Worship at Heights Christian Church is a joyous, meaningful, interactive experience. We celebrate with different music styles, all praising and glorifying God.

Lay leaders play a major part in worship; they lead the opening litany, proclaim the Word, and a child lights the Peace Candle at the beginning of the service. Ordained elders lead the weekly celebration of the Lord’s Supper .

Dr. Kate helps us understand what Scripture means to our lives by delivering a Bible-based message with implications for daily life each week.

We hope that you will worship with us at 11:00 am this Sunday!