Reaching Heights October 2022

Heights Christian Church Icon of Two Followers Lifting a CrossReaching Heights October 2022

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  • Worship – for October
  • MidWeek Bible Study Resumes! 


  • Kate’s Cogitations


  • Board Notes
  • Mission Ministry
  • Education Ministry
  • RenewalWorks Team
  • 100 Mile Pot Luck


  • Advent Collaboration with Plymouth
  • Unity in Community Food Pantry
  • Book Group and Meditative Arts Group
  • Gift Card Reminder
  • Social Media

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  Worship and study

October Worship

October 2               World Communion Sunday and Commissioning  and    installation of Dr. Kate Gillooly as Minister with Heights Christian Church;
Rev. Allen Harris, Regional Minister, preaching

October 9               Jeremiah 29: 1, 4-7     “Stop Waiting and Live”

October 16             Jeremiah 31: 27-34    “Renewed and Reconciled”

October 23             Joel 2: 23-32                 “Prophesy, Dreams, and Visions”

October 30             All Saints Sunday      Luke 6: 20-31

We will be observing All Saints Day on Sunday, October 30. If you have family members or loved ones who have died in the past year, please share their names with Kese in the office by October 21.
They will be remembered as we light candles during the service.

In September we introduced two brief additions to worship, each of which will occur monthly.
On the Third Sunday of each month at the conclusion of worship, we will share Milestone Moments – significant events or experiences of the past few weeks. It may something simple, like losing a tooth; or it may be more involved, such as a job change. Whatever it is, come share a few words, move a stone into the bowl, and let us mark the occasion with you.

On the Fourth Sunday of each month, members from the Mission Team and others will share a Minute for Mission. They will offer brief updates on mission projects and highlight new opportunities for us to share God’s love with others.

You’re Invited

Dr. Katherine J. Gillooly as Minister of Heights Christian Church
Sunday, October 2, 2022 – 11:00 a.m.  Worship
Heights Christian Church in the Herr Chapel at Plymouth Church
2860 Coventry Road    Shaker Heights, OH  44120
Reception to follow in the Parlor

Mid-Week Bible Study Resumes!  

Topic – Book Words of Love  A Healing Journey with the Ten Commandments

When – Tuesday, Oct. 11th, 1:00 p.m. on Zoom  for five weeks ending on Nov. 8th

This fall and winter we will do two five-week sessions studying the book Words of Love  A Healing Journey with the Ten Commandments by Eugenia Anne Gamble. This book explores each of the commandments as an invitation to healing and transformation. It is based on the Ten Commandments as words from the heart of God. The study will be based on the book and each participant would probably find it helpful to have a copy. If you want a preview, you can access the introduction and chapter 1 on 

Contact Jane Troha for more information. 


From the staff


Kate’s Cogitations

When I introduce myself as being HCC’s Minister, I say, “I am the Minister with Heights Christian Church.” It’s a small difference from what most people would say (Minister of HCC, for instance), but I think it is an important one. Often when people say “Minister,” they are referring to clergy – someone who has been ordained. I believe each Christian is called to ministry in their own daily life, not necessarily ordained ministry. I am called to lay ministry, and now I am called to serve as pastor of HCC. Fortunately, there is a provision for that in this denomination: a Commissioned Minister is not ordained but is commissioned to serve a particular congregation for a specified amount of time. (Commissioned Ministers go through a similar process of checks and assessments with the Region and receive full standing as clergy with the denomination while they serve.) So I see myself as a Minister with all the members of HCC, who are also ministers in their own way. Each of us is a minister, and I am glad to minister with you!


  from the Board and Mission Teams

Board Notes

I would like to share with you actions which the Board of Trustees took at its meeting on Tuesday, September 13. The Board voted to:

  1. Authorize a contribution of $500 to the World Central Kitchen, which most recently provided meals to Ukrainian refugees at the border in Poland. They respond to disaster sites around the world.
  2. Authorize a contribution of $500 to Edwins Leadership and Restaurant Institute. Located in Shaker Square, Edwins gives formerly incarcerated adults a foundation in the hospitality industry.
  3. Participate in a Festival of Sharing for Church World Service by donating disaster kits to be collected at the Regional Assembly Sept. 24, 2022 at Camp Christian. This is our way of supporting the work of the Ohio Region of the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ, in  collecting 2022 kits to distributed at disaster sites. We are donating 5 school kits, 5 hygiene kits, and 5 emergency clean-up buckets. Cost of our kits was $560.
  4. Authorize a contribution of $500 plus monies donated by the congregation to Unity in Community to cover final expenses as they look to wrap up their food distribution program.  Unity in Community has been supported by many local churches, who will all help to defray final expense.
    The money for these contributions comes from a $9000 fund established by the Board to provide support for both local and global needs. In doing so in the name of the congregation of Heights Christian Church, we are extending a helping hand to those we may never meet, but who will feel God’s love through our actions.

Lynda Ackerman, Moderator

Missions Ministry

Minute for Mission – We will have a Minute for Mission during worship on the fourth Sunday of each month.  This time will be used to give the congregation a brief update on mission activities in progress and upcoming events. Additionally, it will be a time to focus on making special requests.

Wall of Love – Our Winter collection of items for children at Lomond School continues this church year from October to March. A tub for the items will be located near the entrance of Herr Chapel. Donations of hats, gloves, mittens, socks, scarves for elementary school age children are requested. We look forward to receiving your continued generous donations for those in need. If possible, please put your item(s) in a ziplock gallon bag.

Special offering – If you missed the Reconciliation collection offering on September 25th, you may still write a check or use Givelify on Heights Christian’s website to make your donation.

It’s apple picking time – Missions is teaming up with the Education Ministry to combine something that was old with a new approach.

The Little Free Pantry – If this is a way you would like to continue giving, there are three locations in Shaker Heights: 1- off parking lot of Plymouth, 2 – at former Heights Christian Church in back circle driveway on Winslow, 3 – Christ Episcopal on Warrensville Center Rd behind the church.

Get Out to Vote – Missions doesn’t endorse any candidate but encourages that each of us take advantage of our right as citizens to vote. The deadline for voter registration is October 11th. Several of you got a Get Out To Vote sign and made a donation which will go to the Outreach account. Thank you. If you haven’t already, we suggest you put your sign on the lawn the first of this month. Remember midterm elections day is November 8th.

Community partnerships:
We continue to reach out to other congregations, agencies, programs to continue or establish partnerships. If you have suggestions to form various community partnerships, please let the Mission Team know. We have ideas but certainly welcome your suggestions. We are open and excited about finding new opportunities.

Afghan refugee and Ukrainian donations – donations remain open for these humanitarian causes. You may write a check or use the website to donate at Givelify. Please note to which organization you wish to make you contribution.

Did/do you Know
Because of your donations for several years, Connee Choi has collected over 8,541 egg cartons. These donations saves the farmers many dollars and helps to save the environment using recycling. Connee is excitedly awaiting the 10,000 mark. Thank you Connee and donators.

Education Ministry

Apple Picking – October 9
The Missions and Education Teams are partnering to host our annual apple picking trip. Please join us after worship on October 9 for this year’s apple picking trip. We will stop at McDonald’s for lunch before heading to Eddy’s Fruit Farm to pick apples. Everyone is invited! Please note, we are not taking pre-orders or picking extra apples. This is intended to be a fellowship activity for people to come and pick apples for themselves. For more information contact Carolyn Troha or Andrea Jones-Sharp.

College Care Packages
This year we have two new college students Tommy Dunn and Maddy Durham. We would love to shower them with some love this semester and are putting together some care packages for them. We’d love notes, stickers, snacks or baked goods. Donations should be brought to church on October 23. Contact Carolyn Troha with questions.

Experiencing God’s Abundance Together
A Meditation Walk
Heights Christian Church

The RenewalWorks Team has organized a Meditation Walk for you and the community on the grounds of Plymouth Church along the sidewalk leading to the front of Herr Chapel!  Autumn seems like a season when it is possible to see God’s abundance all around us. We invite you to stroll through the stations, clear your mind, relax from the hurried pace of daily life and contemplate how God’s abundance speaks to you.

There are 10 stations that you are invited to explore. Each contains a picture and a meditation written by one of our congregants exploring this theme. Stop and read one or all of them, in one walk or as often as you have time. We hope they will both soothe your soul and challenge you to think about where you experience God’s abundance in your life and how it can be shared with others.

Many thanks to the members of the congregation who shared their abundant talents in thoughtfully preparing these writings. It is our hope that this will be a meaningful experience for those who wrote, those who walk and meditate and those in the wider community who engage with us through this walk.

“God provides abundance in many forms;
how do you share in that experience?”

 ~ The RenewalWorks Team,
Lynda, Kate, Val & Jane


After a several year hiatus, we are excited to announce that the 100 Mile Potluck is back!  Mark your calendar for Sunday, October 23rd for this HCC fellowship event that will give us the opportunity to celebrate creation and share its bounty with each other.

The 100 Mile Potluck is designed to help our congregation support local food growers and makers.  As we have done in the past, we ask members and guests to bring a potluck dish that includes at least one ingredient that was produced or grown within 100 miles of Shaker Heights. You can include food items from your own or a friends’ backyard garden, a local community garden, the farmers market, local produce from the grocery…you get the idea!

To reduce waste we are also asking that everyone bring their own table setting that you can take home and wash.

Please plan to join us on Sunday, October 23rd following worship to welcome back our 100 Mile Potluck!  See Debbie Osgood if you have any questions.

Are you ready for Advent?

We are seeking 10 people to write a meditation for an Advent Devotional Booklet we are working with Plymouth to prepare. The theme is “Tradition” and can be interpreted in a number of different ways. Each submission should be 500 words or less, and is due to the church office by November 1. Contact Kese for more information or to sign up to be one of the writers. We are glad to collaborate with Plymouth Church in this process and look forward to the results!

Thank You to Unity in Community Food Pantry for a Job Well Done!

The Unity in Community Emergency Food Pantry began in March 2020 as a collaboration between Heights Christian Church, Christ Episcopal Church, St. Dominic, Heights Presbyterians Church, St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Cleveland and community stakeholders in Shaker. We have worked together to offer food distribution and home delivery twice monthly. We have shared over 13,000 baskets of food, fresh produce, and dairy products through over 7,000 distributions. We are grateful to our generous benefactors, volunteers and community leaders who worked to reduce food insecurity in Shaker. A special thank you to our Coordinator, Matt Mondry, who organized the effort for the past 2.5 years. October will be our last month of distribution. The need has subsided in Shaker somewhat, other organizations are better equipped to be helpful, our funding for the coordinator position has dried up, and it would take a monumental effort to recruit enough volunteers. The congregational leaders all agree that one benefit of this effort was the opportunity to collaborate among churches, and we welcome other chances to do so again.

Book Group

We meet the first Wednesday of each month at 1:00 at Plymouth Church in Room 102.  Our next meeting will be Wednesday, October 5, Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston will be the book for that day.  Contact Nancy Carpenter for more information and or questions.

Meditative Art Group

We meet the second Wednesday of each month at 1:00-3:00 at Plymouth Church in the Atrium. We will provide projects or you can bring your own.  Everyone is invited to color, doodle, draw, paint, knit, sew – whatever fits your interest and provides soothing quiet for you. We will gather with fellowship, then listen to calm, soothing music in the Atrium.
So break out your pens, crayons, colored pencils, knitting needles and join us! It should be a lovely respite each month! Hope to see you then!

Gift Cards – Support HCC!

Remember gift cards are available on Sunday mornings and in the office every weekday during normal office hours.  Also, the holiday season is approaching, remember, you can purchase gift cards for Christmas.

Social Media outreach

HCC is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and You-Tube! If you see something you like, share it on your page! This will increase our reach and may draw in our next visitor!