Reaching Heights November 2022

Heights Christian Church Icon of Two Followers Lifting a CrossReaching Heights November 2022

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  Worship and study

Worship in November 

The theme of our Annual Stewardship Campaign this year is “From Bread and Cup to Faith and Giving.” It invites us to consider the power of the Table to draw us together, strengthen us for service, and send us out to the world. We will explore the theology of God’s providence and abundance and our response of gratitude and generosity.

Nov. 6            Mark 6:30-44  “Pass the Word Around, Loaves Abound!”

Nov. 13         1 Corinthians 10:14-24  “Partnership with Christ”

Nov. 20         Acts 2:42-47    A Table That Provides for All”

*Nov. 20 is Thanksgiving Sunday and Ingathering of Pledge cards*

November 27 begins a new liturgical year. It is the First Sunday of Advent, and we will use materials from A Sanctified Art to enhance our worship experience. The theme this year is “From Generation to Generation” and comes from Mary’s Song in the first chapter of Luke. As we explore how each biblical character participated in God’s liberation and love, we might ask ourselves what is our generation’s task? What will we carry forth and what should we leave behind?



November 27
First Sunday of Advent “There’s Room for Every Story”
Matthew 1:1-17; Isaiah 2:1-5


From the staff


Kate’s Cogitations

It seems we spend the entire month of November counting our blessings and giving thanks. The notions of Thanksgiving stretch well beyond the fourth Thursday of the month, and I think that is a good thing. An “attitude of gratitude” can do much to improve our perspective and help us remember how very fortunate we are.

We each have many things for which to be thankful – much more than just the food on the table at the festive meal we will enjoy later this month. We can be grateful we have food on our table every day, a roof over our heads, money with which to buy both necessities and treats, and more.

One of the things for which I am most grateful are my relationships with people – some of whom I see regularly and others who have been important at certain stages of my life. Relationships have the power to turn a house into a home and a job into a career or calling. Relationships can be transformative in how we understand ourselves, and how we understand our relationship with God. I can count on certain people in my life to comfort me, challenge me, teach me, and support me.

This month of gratitude, I am particularly thankful for the relationships we develop as the people of God, gathered around the Table, then sent out to minister to the world in God’s name. I am grateful for the many ways that you, the people of HCC, live out your faith in worship, learning, service and fellowship.

in peace,



  from the Board and Mission Teams

Board Notes:

At the October Board of Trustees meeting, the Board voted to authorize a donation of $1400 to the Cleveland area Food Bank. Funds for this donation came from monies set aside from the sale of the old building to be used to meet both local and global needs.

Congregational donations to the hunger ministry were also included here.
As you know, HCC has participated in Unity in Community for the past two years in an effort to help meet hunger needs in our area. Last month Unity in Community closed. But hunger issues continue in this time of high inflation. In order to respond to the ongoing need for food, the Board chose to donate to the Food Bank.  The Food Bank reaches a great many people and is able to provide three meals for every dollar donated. While we may not be personally lifting the food boxes into their trunks, we are helping to provide the good nutritious food in the boxes. In this way we are continuing to care for our neighbors. May they feel God’s love through our actions.

Meditation Walk

Also I would like to thank everyone who wrote a meditation for the meditation walk posted on the sidewalk from Drexmore Road to the Chapel door. Our writers were Donita Singerman, Larry Watson, Ratt Woods, Andrena Jones Sharp, Rosalind Powell, Cindy Maxey, Val McMillan, Connee Choi, Linda Durham, Carolyn Troha and myself.  Thanks for sharing your thoughtful meditations on God’s abundance.

Lynda Ackerman, Moderator

Administration Ministry

You generally only hear from Administration at the end of the church year. There are several things going on in Administration of which you should be aware, however.

First and foremost Administration will play a major role in the Annual Stewardship Campaign, which will be conducted during the first three weeks of November.

Two other things that Administration is involved with currently are a new lease for our space sharing at Plymouth Church. Negotiations are underway with Plymouth and we hope to have a document ready for review and approval by our November Board Meeting. The third item being worked on at this time is the creation of a new and larger outdoor sign for HCC at Plymouth Church.


The Stewardship Campaign for the 2023 Church Year will be conducted during the first three weeks of November. As you are aware your pledges are the life blood of Heights Christian Church. While the people and the ministries make HCC what we are and what we all love and need, HCC needs your financial contribution to operate. You will soon hear much more about the Campaign, leading up to Pledge Sunday on November 20th.  Please prepare your hearts and minds to give.

Worship Ministry Team

Return to a time of Fellowship!
The Worship Committee would like to return to having a time of Fellowship after our church service on the first Sunday of each month.  This will be a simple gathering with simple snacks and water and lemonade for the beverage.  Our first Fellowship time will be November 6, 2022.  We are looking for two Volunteers each month beginning with December 4.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Bobbi Phelps ( or 216-308-9722).  We look forward to catching up with everyone at this time to see what they’ve been up to!

We will be resuming ‘Milestone Moments’ on the third Sunday of each month. Everyone is welcome to share an exciting or significant event that has occurred in the past month while placing a stone in a bowl on the Communion Table. This opportunity can be shared by those worshiping in person as well as on Zoom.

The Advent season begins on November 27
This year Dr. Kate will be using materials from Sanctified Art, and the theme for this year is “Generation to Generation”. Plan to join us each Sunday – either in the Chapel or on Zoom – as we celebrate this special season.

Missions Ministry

Minute for Missions – continues on the fourth Sunday during worship. This will be a time to briefly give an update of our Missions events and to in person emphasize our efforts.

Wall of Love – Remember: the tub for collecting winter items for Lomond School children/families is located in the narthex just outside of Herr Chapel. These items are requested: gloves, mittens, scarves, hats, and socks for elementary school age children. This is our special ongoing annual missions event. Donations may be made from October up to first week of March. If possible please place your donation in a gallon ziplock bag. In case you forget, we have bags available under the table where the bulletins are. Your generous donations last year were much appreciated.

The Little Free Pantry – Just a suggestion: Something that might be easy to do as a way to share with those in need. As you are leaving home for worship on Sundays, pick up a can or something non perishable that you have set by the door earlier to bring with you to put in the Little Free Pantry cutely designed box located off the parking lot. And there is a large container located nearby for collections.

Get Out to Vote – Make sure your voice is heard. All elections are important. It seems that this year is especially important. Perhaps you aren’t comfortable attending a rally; or signing petitions; canvasing the neighborhood knocking on doors; being a poll worker; passing out literature on voting day. Another way to have your voice heard is to vote in person or by mail. Although we don’t endorse any candidate or issue, we encourage everyone to exercise her/his constitutional right to vote. I wonder if it isn’t a faith-based responsibility too? For more information to make your decision go to: Explore information about the candidates in Ohio. Tuesday, November 8th. Very important date to remember.

Transportation to polls – on November 8th. Your Missions Ministry Team wants to provide a limited number of slots for transportation to the polls for those who need it. A few more drivers are needed. Note: we have cleared with our treasurer that our insurance policy covers anyone who is a driver/passenger although we will have a statement for users to sign. We would like to provide at least four slots. Volunteer drivers please confirmed your willingness to drive via email to Need a ride: call church at 216-561-4800.

Community involvement – Read the Shaker City newsletter for information about what’s happening in Shaker Heights and to find opportunities for involvement. If you are not presently on the email list, here is where to go to subscribe:

HERE: We are always looking for new opportunities but also revisiting past events that were good. We are expecting to revive having a table Christmas tree set up in the Narthex in November/December where there is an opportunity to choose a note with a gift request from the children/adults at Family Promise network for Christmas. Do you recall how well that worked back in the day. Last year we believe related to our move and pandemic issues, there were only five gift cards given. Of course, Family Promise extended their appreciation for the gifts. We hope seeing the tree as you enter the Chapel will be a visible reminder of the effort to support these children/families. Not to get too far ahead of ourselves, but Grace has indicated that she is willing to exercise her skills to do the same wonderful job she did in the past. Look for more information to come.

Did you know – that 1 out of 4 senior citizens in the Greater Cleveland area are at risk of hunger meaning that they don’t know where their next meal will come from.





100 Mile Potluck – a Tasty Event!
Zucchini Bread…Corn Fritters…Sauteed Apples…Fresh Green Salads…Macaroni and Cheese…the list of delicious food prepared by our members for the Oct. 23rd 100 Mile Potluck goes on and on! Good food and good fellowship were enjoyed by all attendees and we celebrated the harvest, local foods and the blessings of creation together.  Thank you to all who joined us and congratulations to Ratt Woods, winner of the drawing for a bottle of local honey.  Let’s do it again next fall and until then, we’ll look forward to our Chili Cook-Off this winter!

Book Group

We meet the first Wednesday of each month at 1:00 at Plymouth Church in Room 102.  Our next meeting will be Wednesday, November 2.   The book for the month will be Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano.  Contact Nancy Carpenter for more information and or questions.

Meditative Art Group

We meet the second Wednesday of each month at 1:00-3:00 at Plymouth Church in the Atrium. We will provide projects or you can bring your own.  Everyone is invited to color, doodle, draw, paint, knit, sew – whatever fits your interest and provides soothing quiet for you. We will gather with fellowship, then listen to calm, soothing music in the Atrium.
So break out your pens, crayons, colored pencils, knitting needles and join us! It should be a lovely respite each month! Hope to see you then!

Gift Cards for the Holidays in 2022

Christmas shopping will be more fun and less challenging now that the pandemic is moving toward an endemic (like the flu).  But some items will be hard to come by and crowds may not yet be your thing.

Try gift cards!  They let you avoid the crowded stores and the post-season credit card bills.  And your loved ones can spend the card(s) as they wish at the places you select.  They are good in person and for internet buys.   Don’t know what store card to buy?  Amazon and Target are easy choices.  Grocery cards can make the holidays brighter.  Many restaurant cards are available.  And gas station or airline cards can help pay for special people to join you for the holidays.

The earlier you shop for gift cards, the sooner you can sit back and relax.  We have a Special-Order Form (available in the Chapel narthex and church office).  Special orders are accepted for pre-Christmas delivery through Sunday, December 11, 2022. We will then place a consolidated order for delivery by about December 19th.   Don’t see what you want?  Please ask – our vendor has Disney, airlines, restaurants, and other cards too numerous to mention.

Support HCC while you shop.  Get your shopping done early.  And make your life less hassled.  Gift cards are easy.

Remember gift cards are available on Sunday mornings and in the office every weekday during normal office hours.

Social Media outreach

HCC is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and You-Tube! If you see something you like, share it on your page! This will increase our reach and may draw in our next visitor!