Reaching Heights July 2018

Heights Christian Church Icon of Two Followers Lifting a CrossReaching Heights
July 2018 

Links to this month’s news:
Worship – Faces of Faith Continues
Ordination of Minister Moreland – July 29
Along the Path – Thoughts from Pastor Roger
HCC Leadership for 2018-19
Retreat Report – Part 1
Youth News – Camp/Mission Trip
Common Ground gathering
Little Free Pantry
Congrats to Ying
Thank You!

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This summer we are focusing our worship on ordinary people of faith in the Bible and what they might teach us.

Coming up:
July 1 – Deborah – Judges 4:4-10, 12-22 – Minister Moreland preaching
July 8 – Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednedgo – Daniel  3:13-18 – Pastor Roger preaching
July 15 – Jonah – Jonah (he’s got his own book) – Kate Gillooly preaching
July 22 – Anna – Luke 2:21-38 – Pastor Roger preaching
July 29 – Mary Magdalene – Mark 16:1-11 – Family Fifth Sunday

Get Ready for a Grand Celebration

On Sunday, July 29 at 4:00 pm HCC will have the honor and privilege of hosting the ordination of Minister Michele Moreland.  This is a momentous and significant event, not only in Minister Moreland’s life, but also in the life of the congregation.  It is a truly special occasion and your participation is essential, not only at the service itself, but also in preparing for the service and reception, and welcoming the many guests that will be attending.  Please put the date on your calendar, be prepared to say yes if asked to serve, and be sure to keep Minister Moreland in your prayers as she prepares herself for this confirmation of her ministry in and for the church.

Along the Path

Just a quick thought as we prepare for a family vacation.  There’s lots of trouble in the world and lots of things going on in our country that most of us disagree with.  But as you move through your summer, take some time to catch your breath, find the joy that is still out there, and don’t forget that God is still on the side of hope, peace, justice, and most of all love.

Pastor Roger

2018-2019 HCC Leadership

Valencia McMillan – Moderator, Scott Phelps – Vice Moderator
Grace Loudenstein – Secretary
Mike Singerman – Treasurer, Neil Chase & Jim Donald – Asst. Treasurers

Ministry Teams          Team Leaders                                Asst. Team Leader
Mission                            Andrena Jones Sharp                 Bernadette LaGuardia
Education                       Amber Sharpley                            Annette Sutherland
Worship                           Cindy Maxey                                   Jane Troha
Fellowship                      Bobbi Phelps                                  Clara Roberts
Administration             Larry Watson

2021 Neil Chase – Asst. Team Leader
2020 Lynda Ackerman         2020 Karen McKeehan
2019 Nancy Carpenter          2019 Connee Choi – Team Leader

Elder Chair      Donita Singerman

The Great Spiritual Migration Retreat

In April Jane Troha, Lynda Ackerman, Cindy Maxey, and I attended a retreat hosted by the Cleveland Ecumenical Institute  The guest speaker was Brian D. McLaren, a pastor, author, activist and leading figure in the emerging church movement.  Jane, Lynda, Cindy and I will share with you our thoughts on the experience in this and future HCC newsletters.

What resonated with me was Mr. McLaren’s suggestion that people are looking for a life defined by love instead of a list of beliefs.  A life of spiritual activism dedicated to loving your neighbor and self, overcoming poverty, injustice, and taking care of the earth in collaboration with other faiths.  An example of this is when our church along with multiple houses of faith held a rally in solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters at Masjid Bilal Mosque of Cleveland.

Valencia McMillan

Camp Christian continues!

On July 14 three HCC youth will head to Camp Christian in Mineral Springs, OH for a week of living, loving and learning. Please keep Madison Durham, Claire Dunn, and Tommy Dunn in your prayers as they explore a beautiful spot of God’s creation, reconnect with camp friends, and make new friends and discoveries. We are so glad to be able to help with the costs of camp, and grateful so many of our young people take advantage of this wonderful nurturing opportunity. If you would like to send a message of greeting and support while they are at camp, you can fax it to: 614-433-7285. Thank you!

HCC Youth Headed on Mission Trip

Several of our youth and some dedicated adult chaperones are joining members of Disciples Christian Church for a mission trip to Wooster, Ohio. They will leave Thursday, July 26 and return on Sunday, July 29. Trinity United Church of Christ will provide a home base and has connected us with service opportunities in the Wooster area. Youth will be involved in feeding programs, children’s care, and some home remodeling work. Saturday will be a “fun day” and Sunday will include worshipping with Trinity church before heading home. We are grateful for a chance to collaborate with Disciples Christian Church to provide a service learning opportunity for our youth.

Common Ground 2018 a success!

Many thanks to the dozens of people who helped HCC host a dinner and discussion for members of the community at the end of June. We had 36 people attend, with more than a third from outside the congregation. People stepped forward to help set up and clean up, greet visitors and lead table discussions. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and conversations at the table ranged from economic equity to schools to police education to new business ventures. This was a wonderful opportunity for HCC to engage with the community, hear dreams and concerns, offer a safe space, and consider potential collaborative endeavors. Thanks to all who support HCC’s mission in the neighborhood!


Our Little Free Pantry is up and running! People from the community continue to contribute items and to take what they need. The founders, Amy and Katie, are grateful for all HCC has done in support of this neighborhood asset, and invite us to bring more items to keep it stocked all summer.

Congratulations Ying!

Our music director, QinYing Tan, has been admitted into the Bach Competition Leipzig 2018, the harpsichord discipline.  This competition is organized by Bach-Archiv Leipzig in Germany, and will take place from July 12th-22nd 2018.  Ying will be performing pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach, François Couperin, and Johann Kuhnau for the competition.

Thank You!

Thanks to all of you for your support on the occasion of my sister June’s death.  So many people gave moral support, cards, attended the funeral, and baked desserts for the service.  My HCC church family has become just that – family.
Sincerely, Connee Choi