Reaching Heights February 2018

Heights Christian Church Icon of Two Followers Lifting a CrossReaching Heights
February 2018 

Links to this month’s news:
Worship – What to look forward to in our weekly and special services
Godspell – Information on our upcoming production
Along The Path – Thoughts from Pastor Roger
From Your Prayer Ministry – Ideas to contemplate from your Prayer Team
Because You Care – People and situations that need your prayers
Moderator Musings – Black History, Not Just For February
RenewalWorks – Your input is needed!  Information about the Spiritual Life Inventory and more.
Outreach – Getting you linked to volunteer opportunities

Worship at HCC


February 4: “Let Us Go”  Mark 1:29-39

February 11: “Coming Down the Mountain”  Mark 9:2-9

February 14: Ash Wednesday. Lent begins with a joint service with Disciples Christian Church.  Dinner at 6:30 pm with worship to follow at 7:30 pm.  In the Campbell Room!

February 21  “Repent and Believe”  Mark 1:9-15

February 28  “Let them deny themselves”  Mark 8:31-38

The Youth of the Community are Pleased to Present…


A Musical Based Upon the Gospel According to St. Matthew conceived and originally directed by John-Michael Tebelak. Music and New Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz.

Performances will be held in the Fellowship Hall (lower level) – please use the Winslow Road entrance.

General Admission: $10      Children under 12 admitted free of charge
Tickets can be purchased online, by calling the church office (216-561-4800), or at the door.

Performance dates:
Friday, February 9th                   7:30 p.m.
Saturday, February 10th          3:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sunday, February 11th               3:00 p.m.

You can also support our performances of Godspell by taking out a program ad.  Full page, half page, and quarter page ads are available and can be ordered online on our website.  All ads must be placed by February 1st.

Along the Path


In the midst of all the things that seem to stay the same it is sometimes fun to look back at what was happening in years past and think about what has changed.

Last year at this time we had just approved the installation of solar panels on our roof, we were beginning plans for our last Giant Garage Sale, and I was anticipating the start of my sabbatical in late April.

The year before that we were celebrating the success of the Tie That Binds Community Gospel Choir’s Christmas Concert, hosting an interfaith evening with speaker, Daisy Kahn, and beginning to talk about how we might redecorate the Campbell Room.

This year we just enjoyed our first Chili Cook-Off, are looking forward to the production of Godspell, and asking everyone in the congregation to take a Spiritual Life Inventory.

And those things are just the tip of the iceberg.  Last year there were exercise classes meeting in our Fellowship Hall, this year we’re hosting the Getaway, a drop in center for youth.  Not that many years ago we were the only congregation worshipping here on Sunday, now two other congregations call this building home.

All in all we do a remarkable number of things, especially for a church our size.  I know many larger churches that engage in a lot less ministry.  And all we do is possible because of your dedication and faithful service.  I know that there are many challenges we face, many days it feels like we are just spinning our wheels, but your faithful service to this congregation continually moves our world just a little closer to the kingdom of God.

So take a deep breath, pat yourself on the back a little, and let’s keep working for the Lord!

…from your Prayer Ministry


In the liturgical calendar, we are continuing to celebrate “God with us” (Epiphany) as we read biblical passages that give us insights into God, Father, as taught by the adult Jesus. However, we keep finding that God is so much larger than our minds can grasp. Poets offer their own way of imaging God for us, often with a poetry that leads us deeper into the question of “who IS God”?  We share with you one such poet, Ann Weems and her poem “GOD” from her collection “Searching for Shalom”.

God is the Question with whom we contend
Throughout our lives.
God is the One standing there
In the closing of the doors and the opening of windows.
God is the Surprising Voice that calls
In the jaggedness of life.
God is the Hand that keeps the world from snuffing out the stars
God is the Poem that begins and ends
In a circle.
God is the Circle
That neither begins nor ends.


Because You Care…



Members and friends who can use our prayers:
Florence Chase, Liz Perdue, Ray Everett, Shirley Reading, Grace Loudenstein, Ratt Ford, C.D. & Lois Clark, Paul & Shirley Hummel, Lisa Peabody, Bernadette LaGuardia, Mehring family, Bob Schneider, Elizabeth Newman, Natalie Eichar, Patty Monroe, Henry Sharpley, Joe Feudi, Alma G. Jones, Nancy Wilson, Barbara Tolley, Sidney Mallory, Jr., Merle Passell, Peggy Yeager, Joan Brown Campbell, “Cas” Castleberry, Kese Webb


Minister Michele Moreland’s mother, Valerie Moreland
Connee Choi’s aunt, Rose Chiodo
Clara Roberts’ sister, Brenda Manning

Thank You

My family and I are so appreciative of the prayers, kind words, cards, phone calls and food following the death of my sister, Brenda Manning, from cancer. We are grateful and humbled by the love and support shown by Heights Christian congregation, something we’ve seen time and time again.

Thank you, Clara Roberts


Black History, Not Just for February


Many of you know that my sister-friend, Vernice Jackson, is a docent at the Smithsonian African American Museum of History and Culture in Washington DC.  Vernice, who is president of Women in History, has presented during our 2nd hour several notable characters such as Stagecoach Mary.

Last November, Ed and I accompanied Vernice on one of her monthly trips to DC to spend two days touring the African American Museum.  I’ve been to many museums but never have I experienced the energy, pride, and joy of visitors as they greeted each other.  Exhibits gave birth to conversations from people who were connected by their experiences.

This museum covers every facet of the African American experience from the origins of slavery to popular American culture, our nation’s story.  The journey through the museum starts with a decent 70 feet below ground to begin the journey centuries ago with the trans-Atlantic slave trade. The journey takes you up through several levels of History Galleries up to the 2nd floor.  Floors 3 & 4 are dedicated to Community and Culture.

I left DC with a greater appreciation of the African American experience, the accomplishments, and tenacity of a people.  It’s impossible to tour this museum without an overwhelming sense of sadness, joy, wonder and a promise that one day we will achieve equality for all.


RenewalWorks is Live!


On January 28 we launched our 3 week period to take the Spiritual Life Inventory – a survey of how you experience spirituality and what is important to you in growing your faith. We are asking everyone at HCC to participate in this inventory – it takes about 20 minutes online or can be filled out on paper, if necessary.

All surveys must be submitted by February 18 in order to be included in our findings. The link was emailed out to the congregation (you can access it here) and paper copies are available in the church office.

Following the inventory, a Workshop Team will consider together “Where Have We Been?” “Where Are We Now?” “Where Are We Called to Go?” and “How Will We Get There?” All of these questions will be considered in relation to the spiritual vitality of the congregation and various ways HCC can support each member in their spiritual journey. Stay tuned for more information Meanwhile, please take the survey!

Outreach News


Because there are those who may wish to volunteer for various community activities but don’t know where their service is needed, the Outreach Committee will provide a periodic list of volunteer opportunities.  These will be included in the weekly email update and listed in the bulletin (when there is room).  If you have knowledge of volunteer opportunities please let the office know.