HCC PEM Grants

The Heights Christian Church (HCC) Thrift Shop was founded over 30 years by the church’s ecumenical Women’s Fellowship group as “The Elegant Flea” and has been serving the community ever since.  This has included gifting a significant portion of the proceeds to worthy local, national and international organizations.

In late 2017 the shop underwent some redevelopment including the name change and expanding shop hours and inventory.  These changes resulted in increased income and these PEM Grants have been instituted to fulfill the shop’s need to expand our ability to give those funds away.

These grants are named in honor of the three women who led the women’s group for several decades, Liz Perdue, Jan Everett, and Kathie McWilliams, and they reflect the values and areas of focus that are important to the women’s group and to the church. Nonprofit organizations may submit applications and HCC Thrift Shop volunteers can also submit applications on behalf of an organization.  Grant applications are evaluated quarterly by a select committee and voted on by all the volunteers for the shop.  Typically, each organization is eligible for funding once in any 12-month period. Maximum grant amount is $1,000.

HCC PEM Grants provide funding to organizations that provide services/programs in the following areas of focus:

  • Children and Youth
  • Diversity
  • Peace
  • Education
  • Lifelong Learning/Literacy
  • Services for Seniors
  • Housing
  • Access to Health Care

The following will be considered when evaluating Outreach Grant proposals:

  • Fit with areas of focus
  • Volunteer involvement with the organization
  • Fiscal health of the organization and annual budget
  • Size and scope of organization and record of success in fulfilling its mission
  • Project goals and expected outcomes

Grant applications can be submitted online HERE

A printable version is also available (online applications are preferred)
Printed applications should be mailed to:

PEM Grant Committee
Heights Christian Church Thrift Shop
17300 Van Aken Blvd.
Shaker Heights, OH  44120

Do you have a question? Call the church office (216-561-4800) or e-mail us at info@heightscc.org

The HCC Thrift Shop is located in the rear of the church on Winslow Road.  Visit us online at www.heightscc.org/thrift-shop